Xtool D1 Adjustable Z-Axis

Xtool D1 Adjustable Z-Axis

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Xtool D1 Adjustable Z-Axis $69.99

Our Xtool D1 Adjustable Z-Axis V2 allows you to keep your Xtool D1 on 2 sets of riser legs while being able to easily switch between laser engraving/cutting material on your ‘ground’ plane and using the rotary tool.

  • Our Adjustable Z-Axis is made out of ASA material, a tough and strong engineering-grade 3D printing filament that is known for its high impact, wear, and UV resistance. ASA can also withstand extremely high and low temperatures and is commonly used by car manufacturers for exterior parts.
  • Our Standard variant is for those with the xTool Enclosure while our XL allows the maximum-sized item (100mm diameter) on the rotary rollers with 2 sets of risers installed. (Please see below for more info in regards to enclosures).
  • Available for both Xtool D1 Original and Pro Chassis (Please note the Original and Pro versions are not interchangeable).
  • Hassle-free! No need to fiddle around with the OEM thumbscrew anymore!
  • Safe! The OEM thumbscrew could become loose and your laser head could drop. The laser head in our Z-Axis has safety stop mechanisms, so your laser head won’t just drop!
  • The Standard variant provides 135mm of travel (with 2 sets of riser legs installed).
  • The XL Variant provides 160mm of travel (with 2 sets of riser legs installed).
  • Engrave larger items on the rotary tools with our XL variant! The laser head rises 25mm+ over OEM height! A 1 Litre beer mug (100mm diameter) can fit using the rotary tool roller!
  • Reach low material that otherwise could not be reachable with the 2 sets of riser legs installed.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Custom color (recommended to contact us before placing order)


Fan Cover

A new fan cover(s) will be provided to fit your laser module with the extension. The fan cover included will come with an air hose guide loop for Xtool’s air assist system. At special request, fan covers are available with no air assist hose guide, or if you have an alternative air assist system where the air hose is on the left of the laser, at no additional cost. Please message/email us at the time of ordering if you need one of these options.

Video Installation guide included!



  • The Standard Lead time is 3 business days (most ship by the next day).
  • The Original and Pro versions are not interchangeable.
  • The Standard extension has a height of 84mm above the X-Axis Bracket.
  • The XL extension has a height of 137mm above the X-Axis Bracket.
  • The extension does ‘offset’ the laser module from the original X-Axis bar. Depending on the laser module height you may gain or lose ~25mm of workspace in the Y-Axis


We cannot account for other modifications you may have to your Xtool D1 Laser.
The following are mods that may interfere and would need extra work to use both the Z-Axis and Mod:

  • Cobey Schmidt AKA Geeksatlarge air assist, you may need to slightly file down a small area on the ‘base plate’ of our extension as it interferes with the nozzles piping.
  • The XL variant may interfere with the Cobey Schmidt AKA Geeksatlarge Camera Kit. You may need to raise the camera or message us during ordering and we can provide our ‘flush’ knob found on the Standard variant instead.


  • Our Standard Variant has been tested to fit under the extended version of the Xtool Enclosure with 2 sets of riser legs installed. IMPORTANT NOTES: The xTool enclosure must be on the same level surface as the xTool laser chassis and the rubber caps of the legs to be removed. The xTool extended enclosure tends to bow in the middle, please ensure the sides are not ‘sliding’ out. You must perform movement tests and check that your setup does not have any interference before conducting any laser engraving/cutting.
  • Other Brands/Custom Enclosures: Please take note of the dimensions found above and in the pictures. You must perform movement tests and check that your setup does not have any interference before conducting any laser engraving/cutting.


This is a 3D printed part and ‘lines’ or ‘layers’ may be seen due to the nature of this process of manufacturing.
The laser head shown in the pictures is just for representation and is not included.
Warning: This is a modification to the original machine and we are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the use of this tool. Please use at your own risk.

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