Xtool D1 Adjustable Z-Axis Support

Last updated: January 3rd, 2024

Thank you very much for your purchase of our Adjustable Z-Axis V2 for the Xtool D1 and D1 Pro. If you have not purchased it yet, you can find it here.

What’s included

AZ-Axis Extension1
BFan Cover1
CM3 x 20mm Screw, Philips, Stainless Steel1
DM5 x 6mm Screw, Hex, Carbon Steel2
EM5 x 12mm Screw, Hex, Stainless Steel2
FFocusing Spacer1
(D1 Pro only)
GLimit Switch Extender1
HM3 washer, Stainless Steel2

Focusing Spacer

When the Adjustable Z-Axis has been raised to work with material on the rotary tool, the lock nut can interfere when trying to focus the laser module due to the focusing lever being in the back. The provided ‘Focusing Spacer’ can be used instead to adjust your laser module to the correct height, as seen in picture 1A.

Figure 1A

X-Axis Wheel Screws Replacement

It has recently come to our attention that some xTool machines have longer screws fastening the top two wheels of the X-Axis plate, as shown in Figure A1 below. This will interfere with installing our Adjustable Z-Axis as it does not leave enough threads to fasten it with via the two provided M5 x 6mm Carbon Steel screws. Therefore, we have provide two M5 x 12mm Stainless Steel screws to replace the OEM wheel screws with, which will allow you to fasten the Adjustable Z-Axis via the Carbon Steel screws featured in our ‘Install Video’ below.

If your machine appears similar to Figure A2 below, then you should not need to replace your wheel screws.

The 40w modules do not have threads that go all the way through, therefore you will not need to replace the wheel bearing screws nor can fasten the Adjustable X-Axis via the wheel bearing threads. You will need to fasten the Adjustable Z-Axis via the OEM screw on the left with either the OEM lever screw or the screw we have provided.

Figure A1
Figure A2

If you have the D1 Non-Pro click here to skip down to the install video.
If you have the D1 Pro please continue scrolling down for the instructions to install the limit switch extender.

Limit Switch Extender Install (D1 Pro only)

The following is for the Xtool D1 Pro Only:
The Xtool D1 Pro chassis comes with limit switch sensors. Our Adjustable Z-Axis offsets the original laser module location by about 25mm in the Y direction. In order to retain the Xtool D1 Pro’s Front Limit switch functionality, a ‘Limit Switch Extender’ (Part e) is provided to moved it beyond the allotted OEM tolerance.

Before installing the Z-Axis extension, we recommend first installing the front left limit switch extension.

Step 1:
– Remove laser module from X-Axis Bracket.
– Locate the limit switch tab in the bottom left corner as shown in Figure B1.
– Next, we recommend to gently flip the entire laser chassis over.

Figure B1

Step 2:
Remove the 2 black screws holding the Limit Switch Tab on the bottom of the chassis, as shown in Figure B2.

Figure B2

Step 3:
Insert the Limit Switch tab into the slot of the provided ‘Limit Switch Extender’ as seen in Figure B3 and Figure B4.
You may need pliers to snap in.

Figure B3
Figure B4

Step 4:
Insert provided 3mm washers onto screws, insert screws through the ‘Limit Switch Extender’ and install it into the original location of the OEM ‘Limit Switch Tab’ as seen in Figure B5.
We recommend running the laser and testing the location of the limit switch before fully tightening and peeling off the protective layer of the adhesive.

Figure B5

Step 5:
Flip the laser back over and you are now ready to install the Z-Axis extension continue below for the install video.

If you use the OEM locking screw on the bottom left of the Adjustable Z-Axis, make sure to turn the spring head up to avoid contact with the limit switch (as shown in Figure B6).

Figure B6

Video Install Guide

Important notes:
– Do not overtighten extension screws. Hand Tighten until they are snug.
– Keep your extension sliding at ease with periodic cleaning and the application of grease on the bolt and ‘rails.’ We recommend applying the ‘Feng Sheng’ grease that came with the Xtool D1 laser works or ‘Super Lube 41160 Synthetic Grease’ which can be found on Amazon.
– Please perform movement tests to ensure there are no interferences before working with the laser. Got Pivo cannot account for other modification you may have.
– Use caution when adjusting the Adjustable Z-Axis, especially with power and hand tools, to not overextend or hit your working material. When using power/hand tools, it recommended to adjust at a moderate speed, use the lowest possibly torque setting, and to stop using the tool and continue final adjustment by hand when nearing the High/Low settings or nearing your working material.

Warning: This is a modification to the original machine and Got Pivo is not responsible for any damage or injury caused while using this tool. Please use at your own risk.


The following are some of the frequently asked questions we receive and If you ever have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us here or send an email to us directly to contact@gotpivo.com.

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